Ralph, may your soul rest in peace.
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I am extremely disheartened to learn the passing of Ralph Yip, Edmonton Chapter's founding director and honorary president. He was very active and supportive in all activities and functions of our chapter since 1978, and very generous and kind to the members. A great LaSallian! We will miss him dearly.
Apart from La Salle involvements with Ralph, I also played soccer with him in the city's open league in 1976. He was very active in the soccer community. In 1985, along with many old boys, Ralph played in the La Salle College Soccer team that participated in the league games organized by the Edmonton Chinese Soccer Association. He was the captain and played in the team for many years. He was a great soccer player who played the game with one hundred percent enthusiasm. The soccer community in Edmonton will mourn for his passing.
My deepest condolences to Ralph's family.

May his soul rest in peace.

With heavy heart,
Bill Wong (1966)
President, 2012 - current
LSCOBA Edmonton Chapter
I would like to share with you someone in my life who has influenced me greatly, my schoolmate, Ralph. I totally admired his passion in our alma mater spirit. His leadership and professionalism became a prominent character amongst our chapter's members in which he was eventually elected as our founder president. His talent and determination in soccer made him one of the outstanding players representing our school in the early days as well as our team captain in the local soccer league. Although moving out to Vancouver a few years back, Ralph's characteristic sincerity enable him to visit Edmonton in many occasions. I recall, every time we met, he carried his usual camera & a book of photos with all his old days memories. He would then proudly share with every one for his past glory and previous school activities.
I will miss Ralph as a very close friend, a companion and a leader.
I hope that Ralph is resting in God's arm now and enjoy his eternal life from here on.

Rest in Peace, Ralph

Mike Kwong (1967)
I was shocked to learn Ralph Yip passed away in his sleep a couple of weeks ago. As I reflect on his life and mourn his passing, it's comforting to learn that he was taken away at his most tranquil time, having led a life so full, so generous.
We, through the Edmonton Chapter, had the good fortune to get to know Ralph, but now we are together to share the sadness of losing him. Other than mourning our loss, we are here to pay him our last respect.
Other than his love of his family and his alma mater, Ralph's passion for soccer was contagious. He had the charisma of a natural leader and captain, and the tenacity required for the formidable task of building a La Salle old timer soccer team here in Edmonton. Despite the aging challenges, Ralph was one of the key members in putting on many good and fun-filled games.
Other than remembering and celebrating Ralph's life, we extend our condolences to his family. Despite the pain of loss and the grief of separation, I give thanks for what Ralph has done for all of us. I give thanks for having shared his warm friendship. Ralph and his family will always be remembers in our hearts and prayers.

Christopher Leung (1965)
I came to Edmonton in late 1978. As I was new to Edmonton, some friend introduced me to the Orient Travel for arrangement to go back to visit Montreal and Hong Kong. At that time they were at the 97th street location. Ralph and I talked but the subject on the La Salle chapter never came up.
It was around 15 years ago Ralph asked which high school I attended in Hong Kong. He was friendly and told me about the chapter and mentioned they have a lot of gatherings.
In 2006, I was invited to attend the local chapter for the global reunion. It was exciting to have the dinner with a lot of La Salle old boys. To my surprise there were a few classmates as well.
Ralph was generous, inviting anyone who is visiting China to stay at his new condominium.
On and off I bumped into Ralph. He was friendly and laughing all the time. It came as a surprise when the news broke out on his passing. I pray that God will be with his family during these stressful times and I trust God will take very good care of him under his wings.

David Wong (1972)
Over years of numerous encounters with Ralph, I will cherish his dedicated work as President of the La Salle Chapter, his mild unassuming humble manner as a true gentleman, his friendship and above all as my teammate on the soccer field for numerous games. As a teammate I could always trust Ralph's total commitments on the field. This truly reflects his admirable character.

May he rest in peace.

from his old teammate Peter Chiu (1967)
I have known Ralph Yip Kim Hung for over 55 years. It started when we both were members of the La Salle school football team. He was in A grade and I was in B and C grade teams. That made him my role model whom I looked up to.
Years after graduation we met again in Edmonton, Canada and played as La Salle soccer teammates in the local Chinese league. He maintained his skill in the pitch and was a vital part of our team. We remained close as teammates, alumni as well as friends. Eventually he became my travel agent and in exchange I became his dentist until he retired to Vancouver a few years ago.
Everything Ralph has and did was great. He has a good travel agent business that is still run by his daughter in Edmonton. He has good soccer skill, good relationships with friends and good business sense except good teeth. That's why he kept my business going until he moved to Vancouver.
Ralph is a true gentleman and an honest friend. I surely miss him.

May his soul rest in peace.

Louis Chan (1965)
We were shocked and saddened with the news of Ralph's passing. We were totally unaware that he was not well. But he is in a better place now. May he rest in Eternal Peace.
I met Ralph in Edmonton in the late 70's when I was using the services of Orient Travel for my travel arrangements. Ralph was very proud of his involvement in soccer and showed me pictures of him participating in various soccer tournaments. We became good friends and one year he invited me and my wife Iolani to visit him and stay with him in his townhouse in Canton in 2011. He was an excellent host and took us shopping and we also had many wonderful meals. I will forever cherish the memory of this.
Ralph subsequently moved to Vancouver where he became President of the Vancouver Chapter (2013 - 2015). He will always be remembered for his loyalty, generosity and dedication to the local Chapter.
I wish to take this opportunity to offer our deepest condolence to his wife Sue and the Yip Family.
Time will heal.

Rest in Eternal Peace, Ralph.

Nick Domingo (1963)
Though Ralph was one year my junior in class, we made friends with each other since the Perth Street days. Many years later, we reconnected in Edmonton through the Edmonton Chapter of the LSCOBA. Despite the lengthy period of lost contact, Ralph immediately recognised and greeted me at our first meeting in Edmonton. That was in the 1970s. Since then, we have come together periodically and attended many of the same OB activities. For me what was most remarkable about Ralph was that whenever he saw me in these functions, he would make a special effort to come and seek me out and speak with me individually, every single time. I cherish his unfailing friendship and respect. I will sorely miss him, especially in future OBs gatherings.
Rest in Peace, Ralph, my loyal friend.

William Lai (1961)
Yip Kim Hung was a classmate of mine at Primary 5B at the Perth Street Campus taught by the energetic teacher, (Tang Ka-Lou), to all of us. Through him we were exposed to the experiments of the psychology of human perception in optic illusions and that what we perceived might not reflect the truth and that we have to think outside the box, so to speak.
Ralph was a gifted and tenacious footballer. I remember him scoring a beautiful goal during the inter-class final against one of the higher graded team. We did not win the championship because I let in two. He was scouted by the Athletic Department and was selected to play for the C Grade school team. I took early retirement from trying to be a goalie. He went on to represent both the B & A Grade school Teams with distinctions and championship achievements and became the team captain of the Gr. A team during the graduating 1962 year. He was a respected and well liked Team Captain by long time team mates and fellow P-5B'ers like, Dr. Chan Lai-Man & Choi Pak-Kit together with Poon Wai-Chow, the 'Lama'.
I met Ralph again in Edmonton during the 1978 Commonwealth Game reception for Mr. A. de O. Sales, the Attach'e General of Team Hong Kong. Subsequently, he became one of the founding directors of the Edmonton Chapter of LSCOBA. He had been the driving force of the local Chapter as the founding President, Past President and Honorary President during the past many decades. He helped to place our frozen prairie city of Edmonton to the urbanized world of LaSallites before Wayne Gretzy brought it to the hockey world.
Ralph was a 'combative warrior' on the soccer pitch and he carried that 'character traits' as a relentless promoter of everything LaSallites through his endless travel around the globe, from Mexico City to Vancouver, from New York to LA, from Hong Kong to the China Sea and anywhere in between. He would hardly missed any World Reunions, Class Reunions and local LSCOBA functions, wherever, he resided.
This year is the 55th anniversary of the 1962 Graduating Class with celebration to be held in Hong Kong. It will be an opportunity to meet old acquaintances with reminiscence of our individually cultivated character as a LSCOB. There will be many local and over-sea attendants. There will also be many sent in their regrets opting for their own way of celebration. I observed quite a few former P-5B'ers will be missed because of their journeys in life were cut short, like, Joseph Kho Sin-Bin, my good friend, the devoted Scout leader of the 17th Group and the Head Perfect of LSC in 64, Chow Shau-Tak, the Architect that built the new LSC and Dr. Paul Chan Shi-Hung, who Presided the HKLSCOBA for many years.
It is a fact that Ralph will be missed physically at the Hong Kong celebration reunion. However, it is without any 'illusion' and I would not be 'surprised' that Ralph has been very busy 'searching' for former P-5B classmates and fellow 1962 LSC graduates to organize the 55th year anniversary reunion gathering for a soulful celebration. He will start a new Chapter of LSCOBA after settling into his new residency and Ralph will continue to promote the "La Salle Spirit" at the highest level.
Thank you for the memory, Ralph.

Henry Kwok (1962)
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